Sunday, March 29, 2020

Beaches Closed (Supposedly) Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus issue has really been a eye opening situation. We have learned a few things so far about this:
1. It is highly contagious
2. It can be fatal for older people, yet I have read of people in their 30's dying from this
3. If you have respiratory problems, like asthma, it can be fatal to you
4. It can live on some surfaces for up to two weeks, but can live on most all surfaces for some time
5. Until we get it, our bodies have no immunity to it.
6. You can have no symptoms of it for up to two weeks
7. Even with no symptoms, it's highly contegeous (so you can have it, and be spreading it without knowing it)

What has been interesting is the reaction to this, from local and state governments and also from individuals.
The local government where I live (Walton County, FL) has proved to care more about tourism than they do the well being of the general public. In the beginning, they simply refused to act on it, and even now, refuse to do really much about it that makes and sense. They have done some things, that really don't make any sense (although several weeks too late), but nothing to actually stop the spread of this virus. Same for the FL governor, nothing to stop the spread of this thing. Any action for not spreading the virus has been made by local business owner's decision to close thier places down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for the government telling me what to do. But people's lives are at stake here, so I'm willing to do my part to help prevent the spread of this.
While restaurants and other business are suffering, they have offered pick up services and other things to try to make up for lost business. I certainly respect any efforts to stay afloat. Its certainly trying times for local business.
What also been interesting is the individual attitudes about this. I won't get into this, but it's very concerning to see the "lack of concern" for the greater good of all, to say the least.
My wife has shown me many videos of healthcare workers who post a few minutes worth of a video online, talking about having no supplies, ventilators, etc. Literally making life and death decisions for patients who won't be able to get a ventilator, because they are all taken. And putting their own lives at risk by working around all the sick people. Not to mention taking it home to their families. It's really a heart wrenching situation.
Another observation is that groceries have been a little harder to get. Meat in particular. Hoarding of food has taken place, when there is no reason for that. The supply has not gone down. It's just that panic has gone up.
So what do you do about all of this, where there is no cure for a virus that has spread across the whole world very quickly? I don't know the answer. I'm hoping that a cure is found quickly. I think about my own family. My mother and ask of ther older ones. And although in not elderly, I'm still old enough to be concerned about this. Italy and China are good examples of how this thing can go. That's not what I want for this country, or any country.
It's time to be praying for a solution.

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