Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Home Projects: Guest Bathroom Tearout

This past weekend, I had intended on slowly starting to work on our guest bathroom remodel. Sadly, nothing went right from the get go.
First, while taking the not water cover off to get to the faucet, I ended up having water shooting out the faucet at full force. That was fun.
Second, when I was starting to saws-all the tub/shower (a fiberglass insert), I accidentally hit the hot water line feeding the faucet, opening up the copper. Ugh.

Now the last thing my wife and I wanted to do was to get out in public. We are trying to stay away from this coronavirus thing. But, we had to fix my mistakes, as we need water for cooking, showers, etc.
I'm not a plumber, but, I had to get this fixed. And here in the Florida panhandle, plumbers are terrible. So, if to Home Depot we went.
We ended up getting two shut off valves so that we could get our water turned back on. We used the "Sharkbite" technology, and it worked very well. I have heard many plumbers complain about Sharkbite, but I think it's because it putts their job at risk. Honestly, you just don't need a plumber because it's do easy to do. And it works. Would I put this inside my wall? Probably not. But outside the wall (like a shut off valve)? Yep, every time.

It's literally cut the pipe, clean the pipe, and push the fitting on. It's that simple.
By the time we were done we had all the demo done.

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