Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Firewalls And Features

I have been talking a lot lately about which firewalls I recommend to people and which ones I don't. Really for the low budget customer. I keep hearing people talk about why they like this firewall or like that one. It seems like two things come back most of the time: budget friendly firewalls and easily managed firewalls.
But what about features of a firewall? It's imperative that you have a feature rich firewall protecting your company.  I think it's comparable to having a B B gun protecting your home. You feel free to do that. I'll go with the larger caliber myself. My point is that you have to select the appropriate firewall features for your company data. You can't just skimp and hope all goes well in the cyber world.
Do your company right and explore all the features a firewall has to offer before deciding which route to go.

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