Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Today we celebrate the empty tomb. Yeshua was crucified on Good Friday, and He overcame death on Sunday. It's interesting that some people still do not believe this event in history. Both people of faith and people who did not believe wrote about this event in ancient. Yet there has never been one single writing in history saying that the body of Yeshua was found.
I stand as a believer in that event in history. One day, we will all rise from the grave and be judged by the only God. I don't know what exactly that day will look like, but I suspect at least two things will happen.

1. It will be determined if we truly believed that Yeshua came down from Heaven, lived a perfect, sinless life on earth, and died during His crucifixion on the cross, taking the punishment for all mankind for all sins that had been committed, that were committed, and that will be committed. And that he rose up three days later and defeated death.
2. There will be two groups formed on that day. One group on the right and one on the left. One of those groups will be allowed to enter into Heaven. And the other group will be allowed to not live in Heaven.

Notice I say above that one group will be allowed to not go to Heaven. This is a choice that everyone makes here on this earth. To ignore what He did for us, in the form of unbelief, is a choice. To believe it, is also a choice. I ask you to look into the story of Yeshua. In fact, I plead with you. I ask you to look into a few things:
1. What the story actually is.
2. The prophecies that was written about this "Messiah" before he actually came. There are many of them, one even including the exact time when the Messiah would come (written hundreds of years before).
3. I would ask that you ponder one thing. My question to you would be this: Why did those people continue to believe, facing literal death during that time, for something that they knew was not right? There were over 500 witnesses that saw Him alive after He rose from the dead. Not one of them refuted what was being proclaimed at the time. Would you die for something you knew was not right? I wouldn't.

Everyone makes up there own mind. I have made mine up, and there is no way I'll ever deny what He did for us. At this point, there is no way I could deny it.

May you and yours be blessed. May He shine His face towards you, and bring you peace.

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